Cliff Terrace Church - Fort Smith, AR
Cliff terrace

Sermons from Cliff Terrace Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Pastor Greg Woolf brings you a new sermon each week. Listen and get in God's Word as Pastor Greg brings a pertinent message for today's culture each week.

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    The Bible Doesn't Say That: Do Not Judge Others

    You have probably heard the saying, "Do not Judge other, or you will be judged". What does that mean? In this sermon Pastor Greg Woolf explores what Jesus really meant when He said these words.

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    Sometimes we need to stop for the interruptions in life, because God is trying to do something!

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    Guest Speaker

    Special Guest Bob Caldwell join us for service at Cliff Terrace Church in Fort Smith, AR

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    The Agony of No

    Sermon by Pastor Greg Woolf of Cliff Terrace Church in Fort Smith, AR called the Agony of No

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    Communion with the Father

    Today's message is by our Lead Pastor, Greg Woolf. Enjoy today's message from Cliff Terrace Church in Fort Smith, AR.

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